CGC Merdeka Celebration

The team of Credit Guarantee Corporation of Malaysia CGC comes out to celebrate Merdaka.


Credit Guarantee Corporation of Malaysia known as CGC Malaysia celebrates Merdeka, the Independence Day of Malaysia. The staff and the senior management gathers together at the foot of the building to display the national spirit. The building itself is wrapped with a 100 foot long flag.


The project started off with the client wanting to display the flag on the building showing the spirit of celebrating Merdeka. After meetings we came about the idea of adding the human touch to it. People are key to such events. 


The team put up a great show and came up with so many variety of camera angles to encapsulate the building. The aerial videography was the way to go about it. Another camera was set at the foot of the building to capture the footage as the staff waved and cheered “Merdeka”. It was not only a pleasant footage but a shout out to the client who helped make the process enjoyable. The hard days work paid off with crisp recording. 

Do note that weather that day was gloomy but we used it to our advantage. Using the skies as a clean background for one. Secondly this also helps with a equally spread out lighting giving softer look to it.

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