Hermes Product Photography

The luxury and gold expensive Hermes shot at home with a few books and single lamp light.


I took a challenge to do Hermes product photography as a premium product / brand with almost no cost. The selection of the product itself was tricky, for obvious reasons had to be owned or borrowed. The idea was to keep the products aesthetics, appeal and image alive and that must be shown in the product photography itself.  


Setting up a platform and set for the Hermes Product Photography was a bit of a challenge. I could only use items at home. What do you find at home? Books, lamps, pens, paper etc etc. So had to make the choice. Luckily I had a few diaries from friends working in the corporate world. And I decided to put them to use. The mat dark colors on these diaries worked just fine to absorb light that spills off or bounces as the reflection from the glass.


Taking the pictures with the right kind of light will help eliminate or reduce the Post work. It is essential that you understand the light. One singular lamp was used as a light source. The light would flood in a beam angled between the right diary and the one the used in the background. This will be just enough to mark its path on the Hermes bottle. Some light did bounce back on the background but using the mobile torch, the background was turned slightly blue. Wondering how is mobile torch light blue? Well use a bit of gel paper or even a removable blue marker will work. 

Camera was set on a tripod at almost 10 degrees horizontal orientation. Shot with the Sony a7 mark ii and the kit lens. Aperture was set to F5.6 and shutter speeds don’t matter as much as long as the camera is stabilized.  And voila a beautiful image for Hermes product photography. 

BTS_Hermes Product Photography | GM CREATIVE STUDIO