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Gibran Mallick

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Event Promo Video by GM Creative Studio

GM Creative Studio will be producing a number of video productions for REDMoney Events and IFN (Islamic Finance News). We are constantly striving to break boundaries in film making and how people respond to various types of content. We do not limit ourselves to social media and content creation only but also stretch the learning curve in understanding consumer behavior. The process extends beyond to technical analysis which gives us the insight for the way forward for our clients. 

REDmoney Seminars Values-Based Banking

Banks providing products and services to individuals and enterprises are critical to the functioning of a modern economy. Values-based banking — a focus on clients in the real economy delivering economic resiliency, environmental regeneration and social empowerment — provides real value to the communities in which a bank operates. There is increasing evidence that this focus, when genuinely embedded in a bank, delivers superior financial returns for investors.

Event page : https://redmoneyevents.com/event/ifn2060/

REDmoney Events

REDmoney Events designs, organizes and hosts industry-leading conferences, forums, roadshows and seminars focusing on the Islamic financial markets across a global, regional and national level.

Leveraging an exceptional network of the industry’s elite and supported by the expertise of the REDmoney publishing and training divisions, REDmoney events are able to provide access to a unique array of influential speakers, panellists and participants from a cross-section of the global industry to debate the most significant issues affecting the Shariah compliant financial markets today. REDmoney Events are differentiated by their complimentary yet qualified attendance structure, ensuring the highest quality of both delegates and contributors. Comprehensive and cutting-edge, attendance ensures exclusive access to the leaders in their field across all sectors and markets.

Visit Website : https://redmoneyevents.com/

we are in a habbit of MAKING IMPRESSIVE VIDEOS.
IFN Islamic Finance News

Islamic Finance news (IFN) is the industry’s leading, capital markets-focused journal; providing over 20,000 industry leaders, players and decision-makers with unrivalled editorial coverage of the global Shariah compliant financing market. Islamic Finance news provides insightful and intelligent editorial coverage from around the world, giving you first-hand knowledge and understanding of the Islamic finance markets and instruments from the specialist’s point of view.

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