MALAYSIA KLCC Art Photography

Building shot of Petronas Towers. Art Photography of KLCC Malaysia in black and white from a very unique perspective.


The amazing Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers located in KLCC photographed in the true ambit of fine art. The building displays a great view from this unique perspective. This art photograph is unique in every way when it comes to photographing the Petronas Twin Towers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  


The beauty of the photograph hides in the various tonal range of luminosity. As Ansel Adams devised a 10 zone system for a greater dynamic range of a photograph. The angle was a worms point of view that reveals the fine layered edges of the building itself. The building structure comprises of straight lines and cylinders using the basic geometrical shapes pleasing to the human eye.

The image was taken with a slow shutter speed of 15+ seconds where as the Aperture was set to F.11 with ISO 100. The interesting part is; with slower shutter speed the clouds create that smooth buttery look in the sky which creates a beautiful background for this image to sit on. The light in the sky lights up the clouds and that is the only source of light at the hour this photo was shot at. The spectrum of light falls off the building accentuating various contours while leaving most in less or no light.  


It is advised to go at a darker hour to shoot, ideally after the blue hour. This image with slow shutter speed can also be shot in the broad day light if neutral density filters are used. These filters cut down a number of stops of light which drops down the shutter speeds. Best if there are a bit of clouds and wind to get a great looking buttery background i.e the sky in case of this image.

Do not forget to bring a tripod of a fixed stand of some sort. Otherwise you may want to use a hard affixed surface with some sort of padding to angle your shot. Best to use a remote shutter release cable. For ones who don’t own any, can set the camera to 10 seconds timer.

Happy shooting a nice Art Photography!