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MUFG Corporate Video

MUFG Bank Malaysia’s first corporate video. Highlighting Islamic Finance and banks achievements in the past decade.


The video project started in February 2019 when the client wanted to come up with their first professionally done video. The display avenues were initially kept to internal use and limited social media. The film was first released on the MUFG annual dinner to show their employees their value and importance. 


The client was new to the process and despite of various challenges, they made every possible effort to set it right. It took a while in the planning phase to make a thorough evaluation as to what had to be said and how. A big shout out to the Corporate Communications personnel, Business Planning & Islamic Finance Teams who made this video happen. 

Once the brief was rolled out, we got our work started. Within the week we came up with a concept and did not take much longer after to produce a story board and directors board subsequently. The bank wanted to show the actual people who do the job on daily bases than paid actors. Hence leading us to start the auditions process. A wave of joy spread throughout the organization as staff members were excited to participate and took pride in their work. 

Finally every shot was carefully evaluated to see where would each one of the employees fit in. Conditions on the day of shoot were challenging however not enough to bring us down. Lighting up big halls and meeting rooms were a task by itself. The production crew knew what they were dealing with and had tonnes of ideas, every single one better than another. 


When working with multinational corporations and entities a very detail oriented task at hand is to learn and study brand guidelines. These guidelines are very carefully designed over a long period which sets the right footprints for the brand. It did feel that the guidelines clipped our creative wings but in all honesty it did also kept us right on track and not deviate from what the brand stands for.  

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