Head Shot Photography and Lifestyle Photography of the CEO of MUFG Bank.


Head shot photography is also knows as the Portrait Photography. The shoot was done with the CEO and Senior Management of the corporation. The client had specific uses for such photographs to be taken. This includes usage for publications and internal communications.


The shoot was conducted in the office of MUFG Bank itself. The best way is to choose a darker room however it needs to be spacious to easily move around. Because this was a 4 light setup hence requires decent amount of space. While doing Portrait Photography for MUFG the key consideration was keeping things in a very formal working style however making the people at ease.


The best way to start is by setting up a key light, which is also know as the main light. This will produce the maximum output in most cases and will be placed right at the main focusing area of the subject. The second light was a fill light. Usually placed on the opposite side of the subject from the key light. This is used to fill in the shadows and dark areas however this can be kept at 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 power in reference t the key light. The strength is based on how moody or less contrasting image is required. 

The MUFG Portrait Photography shoots are done with the brand guidelines and the images need to be kept relatively neutral and less contrast. The 3rd light is very important as it separates the subject from the background. This is mostly referred to as Rim Light. Where as the 4th light was used to light up the background as shown in images below.