Nestles Nescafe Chilled Latte product based TV Commercial shot in 2014 and aired in summer of 2014 in Pakistan.


In 2013 Nestle had processed a new set of brand guidelines for most of its brand. At the same time the global identity and corporate guidelines for Nestle along with the big idea also came about. The New brand direction for Nescafe “It all starts with a Nescafe” was introduced. The visual identity and brand smashables were also changed in the process giving Nescafe a whole new look.


With the new identity now in place 2014 is going to be a challenging year. With the new direction the existing products needed the new look, the new vision had to be reflected in every which way possible. The new advertisement had to be made for the ready to drink Nescafe Cold Coffee now to be called Nescafe Chilled Latte. With the new brand guidelines the creative work was challenged as the creative boundaries were narrowed down. The ad film was shot with Jeff an Australian born US director who had extensive experience in product based commercials including the one for Baileys Chocolate Luxe

Wheels were set in motion, creative idea was introduced which got approved after some board room battles. Now we landed in Bangkok with a crew of almost 50 on the set. With only 8 hours at hand time was ticking for every shot. Phantom camera was used to do the trick shooting at 12.5K FPS to get the smooth buttery tempting look. 

When the Nescafe Chilled Latte Commercial was released Mid 2014 it created the buzz the brand was looking for. It not only created waves in Pakistan but also was awarded as the exemplary campaign for Nescafe Globe. The idea was later shared with Nescafe Asian region to be replicated in their RTD Ready To Drink packaging.  

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