Shooting an expensive yet unique Nokia 8800 Phone with metal body and elegant design.


Coming up with a challenge to shoot a premium product with the least equipment. Doing Nokia Product Photography was another escapade. This photo was taken with a mobile phone and basic lights. You will be surprised how this was put together. However done in a fairly simple way. 


Nokia 8800 Sirocco is an elegant phone from early 2000’s. It has a black shiny metal body that attracts a lot of finger impressions hence it needs to be kept clean. This was one of the challenges involved. 

This product photography for Nokia was done on a work desk with a contrasting colored cloth. The white cloth was used to give both a contrast in color and texture. A top angle suggested to blend in shapes from straight lines and curves from the product itself.


The photography of the product was done with two tones of lights. One cooler tone that came from the computer screen on the left. And the other from the bottom right that off a table lamp used for Terre D’Hermes Product Photography. The table lamp light has a warm tone while the computer monitor gave out a cooler creating the right king of contrast.

The charging unit of Nokia 8800 lights up producing almost the same tone of warmer light whilst the screen produces a tint of blue tones. All things put perfectly and the set was ready. The challenge of doing it home with least equipment also came with the limitation of not using a Pro Camera. So the Nokia Product Photography had to be done with something relatively simple. Something everyone of us have now a days. 


Samsung Note was put into play for this mission. The mobile phone is capable to taking photographs in RAW format which gives leverage in post production. However the camera does not performs very well in low light. The image may be a bit fuzzy as the shutter speeds were not as good. But its something that one should try. The end results were not bad at all and we landed up a great advert for Nokia Product Photography.