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Suunto Watch Product Photography

Corporate Brand Photography for Suunto Watches. The sports element to rugged digital watches. 


Suunto Watch Product Photography is to bring out the ruggedness, digitization and design element of the watches. The brand uses military grade components to build these remarkable machines. Covering wide range of sensors and data collection elements, these easily perform under every condition. Comes with predefined sports modes, health and sleep tracking software that monitors thoroughly.


The story begins with owning a watch and reaching out to the company. Fascination gets more real and turns it into a work I love most. The watch photography was not only tricky but fun too. Water, dark and technology was in motion.


It was obvious that fun is essential while doing such product photography for Suunto watches but this became extremely interesting. All sorts of things had to be tried before a final statement could be made. Water splashing everywhere almost made the photography set look like a swimming pool. Using variety of elements everything finalized with lesser action but powerful image for the product to speak for itself.

The vibrant watch face itself stands out and make an impression. The lucid resolution created an impact even when the image was dark. Simple light setup using a single beam is all what it took to get this Suunto Watch Photographed. The image was shot with Canon 5D Mark III with a USM II Lens to get the sharpest results. A shallow depth of field was maintained to keep the focus on the dial only. To get the cleanest image ISO was kept at 100 however the sutter speed were 1/25th of a second.