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This Case Study will show how a strategically placed campaign can yield great results organically without spending a single dime. The power of social media is immense. This will help you understand how to take advantage of it.

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Whether times are tough or its a smooth sail, businesses need to grow. September 2018 was just the right time to create a campaign for Beaconhouse Preschool for a video contest during Independence Day Celebrations.  The theme was built around Patriotism as it was during the time for Malaysia’s Independence Day. 

Ever since a lot of international schools have started their ventures in Malaysia retaining the share in the pie is a challenge. Admission’s every year are getting successively lesser. The brand visibility becomes even lessor with growing competition. Staying top of mind is yet another problem for marketers.



The Beaconhouse group is considered to be the largest school system of its kind, operating schools in different parts of the world including Malaysia, United Kingdom, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Philippines, Belgium and Thailand. It has provided quality education from preschool to post-graduate level for over forty years.

strategy & solution

No matter how problematic situation sounds, there is always a solution hidden within the problem statement itself. The key problems identified were visibility, top of mind share and conversions. Beaconhouse Preschools get their admission primarily through the word of mouth from their existing customers and then social media as it provides evidence of their product. 

A campaign was created around the students itself, where they showed their confidence and patriotism in a branded video with Beaconhouse Preschools uniform. Now we got the branding correct. But the idea was to make it go viral. Turn it into a competition where public is the judge. The more the engagement the bigger the prize. So all entries were submitted within 10 days and uploaded to the Facebook Page at the same time. Every video was given an equal time of 7 days for voting. Parents shared the videos amongst their family, friends and colleagues to get most likes, comments and shares. The content became viral immediately as we went live.

Video Production

Simple instructions were shared with the children’s parents to create appealing videos and making our little starts shine. Videos can be in Bahasa Melayu, English or Mandarin with a duration of upto 45 seconds and an introduction of the student with their message.

Organic Social Media Campaign

Leveraging on parents own social network, family and social connectivity Beaconhouse made a remarkable breakthrough in terms of results achieved. More students participated as activities following this campaign.

the results

A total of 33 videos were shared on Facebook. Duration of videos open for engagement was 7 days before the evaluation took place. The content became viral immediate after the first hour of upload.


Watch the video clip = Click Here

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Unique Users Reached

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The key to successful content is shown by its outcome. Reaching out to a bigger audience creates more eye balls, more minds impacted. This helped us achieve exposure and more outreach. A total of 94,093 unique users were reached during this campaign.

Engagement was the key point of the exercise. We got the audiences' attention, now we wanted them to participate. With participation comes a strong TOP OF MIND. A healthy number of 33,409 unique users commented, shared and liked the videos.  

Number can be very intimidating. But the fact is that the quality aspect must be achieved through these campaigns. The satisfaction survey amongst parents indicated the highest numbers of 94%. While the counterparts of Beaconhouse struggled, Beaconhouse Preschool Klang got 32% increase in admissions. Consumer confidence increased drastically and brand exposure hit its highest in the history of the campus.  

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