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Andrew Wong has been an amazing subject for photography at Honeywell. This being one of the first gigs with Honeywell was challenging yet interesting. We always try to understand the corporate philosophy the brand guidelines and what does the brand stands for along with its footprints. So in order to thoroughly understand everything we had to go through the brand Bible for Honeywell along with the corporate communications team to set everything right the first time. 

We had a fair bit of time beforehand to decide what kind of images we wanted. Since at that time publication of articles was not in order but we had to anticipate the kind of use for the photographs we take. Hence why we had to come up with dynamic set of images. Starting from corporate headshot to lifestyle images. 

Andrew had his wardrobe set up the time we entered the facility and he was mentally prepped. It was fairly easy, since he was very cooperative and very calm which made our job extremely easy. He has this supporting attitude with makes things work seamless. Andrew was mentally so ready that no matter what situation what pose we gave him he pulled it off. 

Of course we had to capture a true essence of Honeywell Andrew Wong and keeping in mind the aerospace industry. So we classified images into a few categories namely Honeywell’s corporate identity, products in Honeywell Aerospace and lifestyle shots at Honeywell. As anticipated the results came out amazing and we’re liked by the client as well. One of the images made to a publication in China ” Honeywell sets up aerial drone business unit”.

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