fashion shoot for textile comapny



We have the luxury to shoot with one of Pakistan’s biggest textile companies. It is a brand known to many in Pakistan originating from the city of Faislabad. The brand has a strong and solid history of textile production for decades. 

The Task

The client and the agency wanted to do a fashion shoot that can be turned into a full campaign across mainstream conventional and digital media at the time. The campaign was to be replicated and various media vehicles were planned to be used with both indoor and outdoor. 

Product Line

The textile company is one of the largest producer of cotton and lawn fabrics. Producing new prints and designs every season. The summer collection was to be launched with very less time in hand. There were over hundred different dresses that had to be shot and featured. the production team had to be put in place for various tasks including scouting and making on site arrangements parallel to booking various renowned names in the fashion industry. We then engaged with the famous models of the time and carefully selected the dresses for each of them.

This process usually takes over months of work however the challenge was to wrap the project up within weeks. Thirteen famous models were selected and all the over 100 dresses were distributed amongst them based on their personality and style. The shoot was carried out in the city of Karachi. Various locations were chosen that reflected the outfits in line with the brand identity and footprint. 

The outcome

Everything worked seamlessly though we had numerous challanges on every step of the way. But every work has challenges, The team was so motivated that it kept us going forward aiming to finish the project and achieve all our objectives that we had set. The client was always on site observing and monitoring our performance. 

The campaigns were not only a roaring success but also made headlines in the media. The campaign did so well that another version of it was launched right after expanding its scope to various other media vehicles. With this expansion process in place very quickly catalogs were published which drove in sales more than anticipated.

Would the hard work put into play this led us to run another campaign for the brand.

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