Norman Gilsdorf
Honeywell CEO - ASEAN

 Working with Norman Gilsdorf, the CEO of Honeywell ASEAN, was an amazing experience. As the photographer we have dealt with a lot of high level and C-suite executives and usually these executives are very well prepared since they have already had experience in being photographed.

Norm had something very unusual in a very pleasant way. The moment he came to the site he knew exactly how much time he had which was literally 7 minutes. He was very careful in listening to the idea and also be able to visualize the outcome of the photographs. He not only stayed very calm throughout the process but also anticipated what was coming next.

In our experience there are not many people who are able to adapt to the environment so quickly as Norm did. We chose the perfect spot which was based on the brief establishing a sense of location. The visual had to represent Norm visiting Malaysia. We got the shot in the first few attempts along with the few other shots as required in the given time. 

As anticipated the key image was taken up by NST for the article. 

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