This is your chance to get the color grading free LUT pack with full rights to use.


Get the free LUT pack today and enjoy an instant way to color grade your videos. This LUT pack will enable you to find the right starting point to grade your videos in the best way possible. Do make sure that your footage is clean and color corrected at first to achieve the best results. After a careful understanding of color grading algorithms we at GibranMallick.Com have built these Look Up Tables.


It is extremely easy to use these look up tables as they are in .CUBE format. They are compatible with most modern video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. 

The best way to use them is first to color correct your footage and then use Lumetri Panel to import the LUTs. The strength of the LUTs is also controled so you dont get an extreme version at first and it stays true type from the very begining.


The free LUT pack contains 7 distinct color grade files that will help you with almost all basic situations. This has a variety of looks from warming tones to cooler blue and teal looks. 

Do give us your feedback at [email protected] so we can work on more looks for you to try. We are investing our time to get your started with the cinematic looking videos effortlessly. Your feedback is valuable to us.


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Sample Videos :

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