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Different brands reside at different brand growth stages. They all have different requirements. One of the early stages of awareness is the one that creates the foundation and works as a pillar. It has to be set right.

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IFN Event Videos were the requirement for the time. The brand Islamic Finance News by REDmoney Events had launched their series of Online Events the first time due to Covid-19 situation as opposed to the regular offline events. 

IFN had already made their name in the offline events and roadshows however for the first time they came up with an Online stream. The idea was to spread the word and get as many registrations. Making audience have the same belief and faith that the online events will deliver the same quality.


strategy & solution

IFN Event Videos was the way to go. A detailed message packed in under a minute video. Spread the word through careful targeting. A mix of paid and organic strategy was created to attain the objective. 

IFN Forum - Case Study_rESULTS

Video Production

A simple walk through video was created using the brand footprint and values. Showing muscle strength and heritage of IFN. A series of videos was created for all the events with event details and user benefits.

IFN Forum - Case Study_social media

Digital Campaign

A full blown social media campaign was created with a perfect being of paid Facebook Ads and organic posting. The partners’ networks were also engaged to spread the word and build user confidence along with EDM’s circulation.

the results

Amongst the initial events for IFN Indonesia & Singapore, the results were overwhelming. IFN Singapore event was only a week apart from Indonesia. The campaigns were set out for almost a week for each with some overlapping time of organic content. Digital Mediums employed were Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, website for registration and EDM’s.


Watch the video clip = Click Here

IFN 2020

IFN Indonesia for the first success story that got REDmoney Events a full house for the event. Registered users data was recorded and potential subscriptions were also gained for upcoming events.

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IFN 2020

Successively IFN Singapore did very well as the targeting was tweaked accordingly. The learnings from the previous event were carefully analyzed to get even better results.

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