Interior photography for Vietnam’s very favorite Sheng Kee Deserts. The outlet is in Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.


One of the initial interior photography sessions held at Sheng Kee Deserts in 2017 was a great experience. Shot with Canon 5D Mark III with USM 2 Lens gave the right focal length to capture a wide view. The aperture was opened up to a sweet spot with F 14 to get the sharp crisp image.  

The photographs have been edited in Adobe Lightroom and then in Adobe Photoshop. To clean the impurities, adjustment of exposure, color correction etc etc. To attain a particular color look, color grade has been applied after selective adjustments. 

the brands

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the photographs

The client was looking for economical interior photography solution to catalog their outlet for presentations. However as a photographer taking images is not entirely based on the monitory reward that you get. But the images should do justice to the subject and fulfill clients requirements. There were a few challenges to take the photographs while doing interior photography but that is also the best part of photography. I choose to break the conventional approach. Going for the birds eye view was the idea that every image will encapsulate a wide spectrum of view to show various angles of the outlet. The inspiration came from the ceiling mounted cameras and so I went for it after sharing the idea with the client and they loved it. 

editing photos

The images were kept on warmer tones due to the use of certain tones of lights used and teal wood tones reflected by the use of wood.The real trick in the editing process came with selective highlights to make the image pop, highlight key areas and create a more dynamic look. The images show a very organized, clean setup which was one of the key objectives of the client as well. So economical photography or not, as a photographer there should never be a compromise.