This is an introduction to Gibran Mallick Studio made with Tag Heuer Watch.


For as much as this looks like a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Watch Commercial, it is not. The whole idea is how an old beaten down product placed and presented in a particular way can become catchy. The whole idea behind this is to grab viewers attention irrespective what you are selling or offering. Tag Heuer undoubtedly makes amazing watches that deliver that appeal itself. But the grand idea is how creative concepts and techniques do the trick that works.


The most important aspect in the commercial was to take an old article / product and let cinematic footage do its trick. With the dramatic light concepts helps create that interesting appeal like video adverts from iPhone, Sony and car manufacturers. Sound effects and emotional music creates that attraction. Camera movements and cinematic filming creates user engagement. Color grading will make the footage contrasty and vibrant.  


This is my watch. A timekeeper like many others. Worn for years. Time has left its marks. Yet the dramatic light concept makes it so stunning. And the mysterious clicky sounds retract to our attention. Emotional music … to make you feel like there is something meaningful about it. To elicit that sense of longing about something you weren’t even interested in a minute ago. Rapid light changes, camera motion to make it appear as though something important is happening now. Revealing the brand and using a rich voice to communicate the message. Now the slow motion climax to make it feel even more powerful and relevant. Okay maybe that’s a bit too much. Telling that story about an insignificant object in a cinematic way. Eye Candy

It’s enjoyable and it leaves you with a question … What can we do for your product? Go to our website now!