Color Grading 2

COLOR GRADING – PART 2 What is color grading and why is it important? When you’re first starting with post-production, just getting usable footage cut together feels like the end of the journey. To elevate your project, however, and ensure your footage looks as good as possible, it’s time to dive into the world of …

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Color Grading

COLOR GRADING Why Color Grading Should Be The Most Important Part of Your Post Processing Workflow Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin The BACKGROUND Photographers often treat color grading as a trivialized aspect of their workflow. Something that they only worry about once the image is complete and with no greater attention than flipping through a …

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IFN Event Videos

Beaconhouse IFN Forum - Case Study_IFN Event Videos

IFN Event Videos Different brands reside at different brand growth stages. They all have different requirements. One of the early stages of awareness is the one that creates the foundation and works as a pillar. It has to be set right. Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin TheBACKGROUND IFN Event Videos were the requirement for the …

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Beaconhouse Preschool Video Contest

Beaconhouse Klang - Case Study_Main video contest

Beaconhouse Preschool Video Contest This Case Study will show how a strategically placed campaign can yield great results organically without spending a single dime. The power of social media is immense. This will help you understand how to take advantage of it. Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Envelope ThePremise Whether times are tough or its …

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Why Hire a Branding Agency


WHY HIRE A BRANDING AGENCY? An advertising and marketing professional who has made a name for himself in the creative industry. Gibran Mallick Director / Photographer | PHOTO | VIDEO | MEDIA | WEBSITE | DESIGN |  Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Envelope Why hire a branding agency? According to Forbes, 38% of the users …

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