Honeywell Futureshaper Project | Thailand

Honeywell futureshaper | thailand | honeywell electronic materials | PHOTO | VIDEO | MEDIA | WEBSITE | DESIGN |  Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Envelope Honeywell Futureshaper We are thinkers, dreamers, doers and innovators. Connected through our common purpose of innovation and responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future, we are committed to protecting …

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Oncogen Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing | Honeywell Malaysia

Oncogen pharma | Honeywell | PHOTO | VIDEO | MEDIA | WEBSITE | DESIGN |  Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Envelope Oncogen Pharma Malaysia Oncogen’s world-class Advanced R&D centre, spread over 40,000 sq.ft is involved in development of high quality API and Formulations. A team of over 50 world-class, well-experienced scientists are at the …

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Color Grading 2

COLOR GRADING – PART 2 What is color grading and why is it important? When you’re first starting with post-production, just getting usable footage cut together feels like the end of the journey. To elevate your project, however, and ensure your footage looks as good as possible, it’s time to dive into the world of …

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Color Grading

COLOR GRADING Why Color Grading Should Be The Most Important Part of Your Post Processing Workflow Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin The BACKGROUND Photographers often treat color grading as a trivialized aspect of their workflow. Something that they only worry about once the image is complete and with no greater attention than flipping through a …

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Event Promo Video


Event Promo Video An advertising and marketing professional who has made a name for himself in the creative industry. Gibran Mallick Director / Photographer | PHOTO | VIDEO | MEDIA | WEBSITE | DESIGN |  Facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Envelope Event Promo Video by GM Creative Studio GM Creative Studio will be producing …

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Arissto Coffee Advert

arissto-coffee-gibranmallick.com_| GM CREATIVE STUDIO

Arissto Coffee Advert A dramatic & cinematic intro advert for Arissto Coffee Machine. Creative concept and produced by GM Creative Studio. Director : Gibran Mallick Website: See More posts ARISSTO Italian Coffee Guaranteed Great Coffee From Italy. Italians are well-known for many things including art, furniture design, football, sports car technology but more importantly, …

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Tag Heuer Watch Commercial

Tag Heuer_Gibran Mallick Studio_Video | GM CREATIVE STUDIO

TAG HEUER WATCH COMMERCIAL This is an introduction to Gibran Mallick Studio made with Tag Heuer Watch. See More posts INTRODUCTION For as much as this looks like a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Watch Commercial, it is not. The whole idea is how an old beaten down product placed and presented in a particular way …

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Kelloggs Froot Loops Commercial

Kelloggs Froot Loops Commercial Gibran Mallick Studio photo video web media design | GM CREATIVE STUDIO

FROOT LOOPS ADVERTISMENT This commercial is sweet brief and to the point. Carries all brand values and footprints of Kelloggs Froot Loops. See More posts INTRO TO THE FROOT LOOPS COMMERCIAL  Reminds me of my childhood. Kelloggs Froot Loops were the go to breakfast cereal we all loved to eat. Coming to this point in …

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MUFG Corporate Video

MUFG Corporate Video MUFG Bank Malaysia’s first corporate video. Highlighting Islamic Finance and banks achievements in the past decade. See More posts MUFG CORPORATE VIDEO The video project started in February 2019 when the client wanted to come up with their first professionally done video. The display avenues were initially kept to internal use and …

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CGC Merdeka Celebrations

CGC Merdeka Celebration_Gibran Mallick Studio_Video | GM CREATIVE STUDIO

CGC Merdeka Celebration The team of Credit Guarantee Corporation of Malaysia CGC comes out to celebrate Merdaka. See More posts INTRO TO CGC MERDEKA CELEBRATION  Credit Guarantee Corporation of Malaysia known as CGC Malaysia celebrates Merdeka, the Independence Day of Malaysia. The staff and the senior management gathers together at the foot of the building …

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